We are looking for you!

For our start-up Tacos & Tequila we are offering a position for Hospitality interns (2019-2020). Tacos & Tequila is located in the heart of the Amsterdam city centre. Here, we play a dynamic role in the high-end food department of the Magna Plaza Shopping Centre. Our mission is to introduce Europe to the authentic Mexican cuisine, with a modern touch. In the near future, we will open several new locations throughout the country, and later Europe. 

As a former Hotelschool student, I strongly believe that working in this environment provides many opportunities for learning and professional growth. 

The demand for the products and services of Tacos & Tequila is extremely high and increases every day. This guarantees many future projects and possibilities for students. For our projects we require interns that work professionally and always strive for the best possible result.  

We believe that we can offer an excellent match for students.

We share common values like sustainability, and a professional work environment. We are an internationally minded organisation with extensive experience in the hospitality industry. 

We look forward to sharing our knowledge as much as we are excited to see what the next generation has to offer – and can teach us!

We see various possibilities for new Hospitality Professionals to define- and develop themselves within Taco’s & Tequila.

At operational level students can practice how to run a restaurant with an open kitchen and a small menu. Furthermore learn how to run the day to day operation such as providing customer service, make work schedules, contact with suppliers etc.

Current research projects are;

Business catering;

The intern will be fulfilling the following roles:

  • Market research for new sales opportunities.
  • Developing a tangible approach on how to interact with new market opportunities.
  • Strategic network management. 
  • Project management in the broadest sense including finance, H&R management and coordinating communication throughout the project.
  • The opportunity to work directly with the owners of the project.

On- and offline Marketing;

The intern will be fulfilling the following roles:

  • Developing off- and online communication strategies.
  • Development of creative content for different (social) media platforms.
  • Researching, implementing, monitoring and evaluating (social) media campaigns.

Diversifying our revenue streams;

The intern will be fulfilling the following roles:

  • Product development: we are developing our own tequila label.

Are you interested? Send us a mail!